Wolf cubs that need name

On February 6th, The Natural Science Center of Greensboro, North Carolina, welcomed three endangered Maned Wolf Pups. Two of the 3 cubs are already named but there is a contest in finding the third name for the small wolf. There are some alternatives that were already found and people could vote for one of them:
Chiquita – means “little gift” or “little girl” in Spanish.
Wila (pronounced wee-lah) – means “red” in an indigenous South American language, means “faith or loyal” in Hawaiian, means “woman” in Australian Aboriginal
Malina – means “honey” in Greek, means “peace” in Hawaiian, means “tower” in Hebrew
Kulina (pronounced kooleenah) – is the name of an indigenous people from Brazil and Peru. Music is a strong part of their culture.
You can find more about how to help these species here.

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