Edible pen by Dave Hakkens

Dave Hakkens wanted to resolve a design problem that we all have: what if instead of just chewing the plastic edge of a pen, we simply enjoy a fruity taste of a sugar candy? So he created the edible pen with a lot

of flavours like: peppermint, orange, watermelon, banana, kiwi or, for those who can not decide, with mixed candy. The material he used it’s the same candy as that one from candy bracelets. This pen you can chew and eat entirely because it’s edible except the small point where you write with. First flavour was that one with peppermint and Dave used candy that is not melting in your hands. After all, a nice design that resolves the problem of throwing away your pen after using it. Indeed, why not eat it? All about the pen you can eat and the enire process here.

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