Gold jewelry by Gerd Rothmann

It’s more than 10 years now since I saw the first time some works of Gerd Rothmann. I just got impressed by the concepts of his designs. The jewel has a message. The jewel is personal, it fits perfectly to the human body, it’s like a natural part of it.
I remember that I read about how this idea came to life: it was a real fact with a nose prothesis that became an accesoire of a noble that lost his nose on a sword battle I guess. Gerd Rothmann’s designs with fingerprints, noses and other body parts which combine surrealism and imaginative metalwork. The fingertips prints are a personal touch and the jewel is in a relationship with the wearer. One can keep close the fingerprints of parents or beloved ones, the rings are like amulets or pieces that encapsulate one’s presence. A client of Gerd confessed “I can’t be without jewelry. . . Whenever I go out I have to wear something. It calms me, it centers me, it makes me more confident.”

It seems that lately I posted a lot of jewelry design :) Tomorrow I will post some incredible illustrations from a book that I found on the shelves of a friend of mine.

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