Matthew Cusick’s map collages

It’s just amazing what Matthew Cusick is doing with some map collages. Matthew started as an artist and then, 9 years ago he decided to get rid of the boring brush and try to experiment various techniques properties of a brushstroke: color, line, nuance, density and movement.
 He combines different maps and constructs paintings with these geographical images. Sometimes, he works weeks and months to one visual and even a year. He works for hours at his multidimensional paintings. Sometimes, he uses also color but this happens only to paint the background before actually gluing the slices of maps. “If I need to manipulate the values of the maps in order to achieve richer darks, I use ink, mostly walnut ink that I make myself. This way I am not really adding a new medium to the map, only increasing one that is already there-the ink.”. As about the creative process, his idea pop up in his mind when he thinks of other works or he is working on something else or just keeping busy in the studio. He chooses collage because it has the Via Mymodernmet.

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