The NeoCube

The NeoCube you can find on the market with different names as BuckyBalls, NeoCube, CyberCube, MagCube, QQmag, Nanodots, Zen Magnet and  it is a way to entertain yourself. It is composed of some rare magnets that can be combined in so many different patterns and shapes. It’s perfect for gaming and it is against stress. It stimulates the brain and give you the possibility to express your creativity. It is a puzzle with so many solutions:) You can buy more boxes that contain a small cube composed by these strange neodymium magnets spheres and play with them. There are a lot of tutorials and stuff related to these creative patterns you can form. See some of them here.

  1. Posted on May 7, 2011 by Bob

    It has a million different names. maybe because it can be in many different shapes. and sizes.

    buy yours here:

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