Beautiful flowers

For those who like pink or flowers or pink flowers, see here some pictures I took yesterday at about 20 km from Munich. A place called Sauerlach, on the autobahn that leads to Salzburg. I don’t know if this post will inspire you but for sure those roses inspired my mum to paint. I like them because they are so flat and they have so many petals. I think they could be also the starting point of some fashion collection because of their colors and shapes. In fact, Project Runway show with Heidi Klum had this brief (go to the botanical garden, take some pics and make a dress out of it) a few seasons ago. Nice, I google it and found out that the episode is called Project Runway: The One Where Everybody Cries” :) because indeed, the concurents were so close to the final show and everybody was tensioned.  My favourites were: Jerell’s Jewel Of A Dress and Leanne’s Soft Stunner. Access the link to see the dresses.

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