Dev Harlan’s light installations


Dev Harlan is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from San Francisco that plays with media installations, light, sculpture and projections.  He admits that New York for sure could help artists to manifest freely but this is not enough if you want to succeed: work and the passion you have to create something are the things that can make you famous. I am impressed by his pyramids that remind me of that toy with mirrors that you keep on turning to create more and more images in colored glass. The projections seem so fresh to me, and the colors are psychedelic anyone I guess. I stared at the Vimeo films with his installations a lot.
Dev confesses here
: “I had many friends doing unorthodox things with projectors and spent years learning to program custom real time 3D applications. Simultaneously however I was also learning and using industry standard tools for design and 3D animation. ” More than this, he is inspired by  the 60’s Op-Art movement, and artists like Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely are some obvious favorites. Below, some examples of his works named Pyramid. Via here.

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