Ecco, a zero-emissions mobile living solution

Can you imagine that your automobile can take you to your destination, it can be eco in the same time and also a temporary home?Ecco automobile is a beautiful project that could be possible in the future. Compact, aerodynamic and having a great design, Ecco is made in aluminium and glass.
Due to the shape that remind of a drop of water, the car cheats the wind, it’s more powerfull and it has an improved volume for the confort of the passengers. Ecco has no emissions, it’s a fully electrical
vehicle that has also photo-voltaic solar panels, so this means she could be recharged directly from the sun. As about
adNAU, they are specialised in digital set design, event design, direction and storytelling. The company is focused on design and advertising for brands like: Lexus, BMW Motorcycle or Nike.

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