Lego-style apartment transforms into infinite spaces

Christian Schallert is presenting us his home: a 24 m2 room that can look bigger than it is due to his functional gadgets inside. It’s a house full of surprises: the shower is like a glass cube, the bed is rolling and comes from the balcony, the sofa cand be transformed into stairs to enter the small terrace, the TV can be moved from the wall.
The kitchen is integrated in the furniture designand it contains everything that one single person could ever dream: a mini fridge, sink, microwave and dishwasher. All gadgets can be revealed by a
simple click. The apartment is situated in Barcelona.
Christian said his inspiration were the foldings, the furniture on the boats that had to save as much space as possible and the design of the small Japanese homes. In the mean time, Christian moved from here because he got a girlfriends and they both realised that this home has enough space for one person but not for two:). See morehere.


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