Louvre Museum, Paris

For sure, one of the most beautiful museums in the world, Louvre took us 3 days to visit: from morning until the the closing. There is a special abo that lets us get out of the museum and enter anythime.
There were some things that impressed me at the Louvre. One is that they were art classes in the galleries and you could see kids of 5 years learning about history of art and design, about “les fauves” and about how to look, analyse and understand a pice of art.
They were allowed to touch paintings and sculptures. I was so amazed that small kids are educated about art so soon. Secondly, I was used to enter in a museum like in a church, quiet and not abusing of too much movement. But here, in Louvre, everyone is speaking loud, a lot of noise and exclamations, people paint, kids are drawing, staying on the floor on their backpacks. I will post some more photos with some of the masterpieces and their explanations with details later.

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