The abstract art paintings of Pierre Soulages

Soulages paintings succeeded to be famous in the post-war European Abstract expressionism history. Pierre Soulages is a french painter, engraver and sculptor. He uses a lot of black in his paintings that usually are a variation of striations on the black surface. He was called the “painter of black” because of this. A composition he created in 1959 sold for 1.200.000 euros at Sotheby’s in 2006. Among his black shades, he uses also blue, brown and sometimes a touch of orange.
I was very inspired by his decorative works and compositions: I like the large brush traces, the small striations you can observe in his paintings and the proportions between black, white, gray and blue traces.
Soulages paintings are exhibited in museums all over the world: Hannover, Essen, Zurich, Kootz Gallery, New York, Galerie de France, Paris.


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