Sarabande, the Baroc and Rococo costumed ball

Once in a year, feel free to transform your dreams into reality. It’s time for magical moments, dreams come true, beautiful dresses and charming misterious characters. Sarabande is a costumed ball in Belgium. Visit the place to enjoy the great costumes and try the first time in your life the well-known absinth. Take part of dancing lessons together with the famous teacher, Lieven Baert,  historical court dance specialist. As about participation etiquette, costumes inspired by Baroc and Rococo period are a must. The guests are invited to see some movies that describe better the atmosphere of those times.

Join the most beautiful summer ball in Belgium and beyond! Heavenly music, special drinks, absinthe bar, fairy cupcakes and, above all, magnificently dressed visitors from all over Europe.
Be part of this extaordinary evening and pass the doors to a magical world!
See here the dresses from last year.

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