The people of Chin – photo exhibition

The people of Chin, who originally came from central China, now lives in northwest Burma, Bangladesh and India, which has about 1.5 mil people. Only in Burma you could find 30 different sub-groups with different dialects. The Chin state is not very accesible due to his geographical situation: its topography is very difficult and it is very hard to acces the place. The landscape is dominated by mountains that are very high and very deep valleys. In the rainy seasons, the roads are impossible to use. All the navigation system is based on small boats that can be used on the fast rivers. You will wonder what their religion is? 70 % of them are Christians because of some missionaries that came in the 19 th Century, but the rest of the population in Chin is buddhist. The characteristic feature of the Chin women is the painted face and tattoo.
This ritual is a painfull one and it was initiated usually before the young women were married. The people of Chin uses a mixture of vegetable juices instead of colors. The drawings are complexe, and they remain painted. The government of Burma is trying to interdict this old ancient custom. The photographer Jens Uwe Parkitny was there even since 10 years ago already and he took some portrait pictures of women with tattoo faces. The exhibition is now at the
 Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde München (Museum of Ethnology in Munich)

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