Hachi Oshibori, the bumblebee shaped container


Hachi Oshibori is  is a little bumblebee shaped container for carrying a small, moistened towel that you can use before eating. You can find Oshibori towels in any Japanese restaurant- those moist towels that you can use before starting to eat.
The bee is composed of 2 parts and once the head detached, you can see inside the towel, nicely wraped. The  flower-shaped tag is a label for writing your name on it, and to personalize the  Oshibori.
Hachi Oshibori is 9 cm long and 5.5 cm wide (3.54″ long, 2.2″ wide) and  it is made out of cotton . Handwashing is recommended. Made in China :) by Torune. Cute packaging design!

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