SavonExquis – handcrafted natural soap

A few days ago I found SavonExquis site and these beautiful soap products: complicated floral shapes and glittering textures that made me think these incredible soaps must be in marble or something:) I contact them and it was a pleasure to talk about soaps and how they are made. I can ensure you, these people put a lot of passion into what they do and, as you can see below, their love and caring are reflected in their products. I am sure you will enjoy their hand-made soaps more than visually:)

SavonExquis soap is made in small batches (no more than 20 bars per batch) using a variety of natural oils (olive, coconut, palm, castor), butters (shea & cocoa), natural herbs and clays carefully chosen for their many benefits: moisturizing, cleansing and soothing. SavonExquis handmade natural soap is scented with 100% pure essential oils(lavender, geranium,
eucalyptus, rosemary).
This completely natural soap contains no artificial colours or fragrances and no preservatives or chemicals. SavonExquis is available in a large variety of soap containing carrot juice, cucumber juice, honey, calendula, chamomile, clay, poppy seeds, coffee, avocado, rose petals, mint, lavender, algae and so on.

For further details, you can contact SavonExquis by email or you can visit the site here.

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