Interview with Reddish studio

The two industrial designers Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman are working together under the name of Reddish, a studio that was founded in 2002. Probably you already know them from our previous posts: the Spinning tops made from sterling silver and the post about their Aluminium tables and stools.Furniture, lighting design, jewelry or china designs, they have a lot to say: they improve things, they have intriguing concepts and a lot of humor. And more important, they are totally implicated in the creative process, from the new concepts to the final product planning.


Do you have some artwork since you were a child? 
Idan: My parents keep a psychedelic self portrait I did when I was 3 years old. 
Naama: I have a few. My mom still keeps them in her living room.  
When and how did you find your style? 
We don’t think we’ve found our style. It is much more interesting to keep searching.
How do you work? 
We have a studio in Israel’s country side. Our time is divided between design works for companies, commissions, and projects we initiate ourselves. Our work is versatile simply because we get bored very easily. We work together on most of the projects but it is not always a 50-50 combination between us. Sometimes a fresh view of one of us can solve a long indecision for the other. That is a big plus working as a duo.
What inspires you? 
Inspiration can be found everywhere. We love looking at everyday things in a fresh perspective. If you just keep your eyes open, you can spot a lot of unnoticed wonders. We love traveling and going into flee markers. Junk is a good source for inspiration.  
What themes do you pursue? 
There are different themes each time. We like to think about the cultural context of objects. It is an interesting viewpoint, and a nice excuse to collect objects. In addition, we like to stretch boundaries of what is around us – technologies and materials as well as concepts.
What’s your favorite art work? 
Idan: This week’s favorite is “Machine with concrete” by Artur Ganson. 
Naama: One of my favorite art works is a James Turrell piece called ‘Space That Sees’ which is located in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. 
Do make any difference between a work on a brief and you personal work? 
Since we would not like to find ourselves working as design technicians, we tend to find a way to make each work as personal as we can.


Too see more about Reddish studio it’s here. 
Contact Naama Steinbock and Idan Friedman here.
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