Rembrandt’s house in Amsterdam

The Rembrandt’s house owns some of the well-known etchings of the artist. In some of the rooms there are demonstrations of how the etchings were made, how paint was extracted and mixed in the 17th century.  In the master’s reconstructed studio you can see how pigments and oil are turned into beautifully coloured paints. There are a lot of stories that fill this incredible house of the artist. It is said that the house was so expensive those times that at the end, Rembrandt went bankrupt because he could not pay his debts. A large collection of his rare objects, paintings and belongings were sold in order to recuperate some money but still, it was not enough. See here the 360 degrees tour of the house. Click on the link to see the entire house: entrance hall, anteroom, salon, the large studio, cabinet, kitchen. For more infos regarding the house, the works of the artist, some games and some panoramic views of the house, see the site here.

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