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On July 3, 2011
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For sure, you know Estúdio Campana and Fernando and Humberto due to their furniture projects, sets and costumes, scenography and creation of intriguing objects: the team’s ideas are later materialized by companies such as Edra, Alessi, Artecnica, Bernardaud, Corsi Design, Kreo, Magis, Grendene, Skitsch, Plus Design and others. The studio is situated in the neighborhood of Santa Cecília, in São Paulo. The team can be proud because of projects like the Camper stores in cities like London, NY, Barcelona, Florence or Berlin, The redesigning of the D’Orsay Museum´s Café in Paris or the former Olympic Hotel in Athens.



How did the Campana brothers begin to work together?
Well, at the beginning nothing was planned. Humberto attended sculpture workshops and he enjoyed doing hand made objects. For the start, he set up a small studio and began to sell mirrors framed with shells and baskets. When this became serious, Fernando joined him and they started to think more about working together. Fernando studied architecture and he got interested about Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer’s power of communication.
Interesting facts about the two brothers:
First, they were creative since they were kids: Humberto refused to wear shoes and said he wanted to be an Indian in the Amazon. Fernando dreamed about becoming an astronaut. When they become grown-ups they started to complete each other and even to come at the office wearing similar clothes. They appreciate the same aesthetics but when it comes to music and literature, one prefers classic, the other pop music.

About the difference between art and design:

Fernando and Humberto try to establish a dialog between emotion and functionality. They are both interested in integrating craftsmanship in the mass production and they put an effort in trying to humanize designs. Also, they both search for interesting materials that could be rescued and transformed into art pieces.
Which designers do the Campana brothers admire the most? 
Shiro Kuramata, Achille Castiglioni, Ingo Maurer, Ettore Sottsass and Andrea Branzi.


The credits to the images are: 
Sushi Fruitbowl © Fernando Laszlo
2006 Coast-to-Coast Chair © Fernando Laszlo
1998 Vermelha Chair © Edra ( first picture at the beginning of the post)
2003 Favela © Edra.

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