Laura Theiss’s 2011 crocheted collection: Moon, Snow and Flowers

Laura Theiss did her first crocheted tablecloth when she was seven. Since then, crocheted pieces were always been around her: toys, pictures or pillows. Shapes and interesting colors, unusual mixes, volumes and fabrics superposed and twisted – these are the central elements of her sensual collections.  Moon, Snow and Flowers is the last collection of Laura. She was inspired by the actual moments: the crisis and natural disasters and found a unique way to interpret them. The creations are full of optimism and the colors used are dove grey with splashes of bright blue liquid latex creating arty effects, representing a spark of hope at the end of a dark tunnel. Lithuanian-born London-based Laura Theiss graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins college in 2009. Her passion for knitwear was born when she was a child and she compares it to her mother tongue. “Knitwear,” she states, “is sort of a language embedded in my DNA and I find it easy to express myself through it” Innovative and original creations on her site here. If you want to contact her, the address is here.
Thank you, Laura! :)
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