Macro studies by Bascoules Bertrand

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On October 30, 2011
Last modified:February 6, 2013


These images are a true beauty. Great light and topic to choose. Incredible macro studies by Bascoules Bertrand. And here is what the artist confesses about his project: “Prototype facility used to simulate the aerodynamic conditions of a shift in the air. It considers that the action of air on a moving insect is equivalent to that generated in the prototype on the insect set. It makes very precise measurements, which is often impossible in real movement like the detection of coupling wind and temperature on the external vibration of shift and wing tips.” See the images and also a sneak peek from on of his last projects: eX Situ.
  1. Posted on January 30, 2013 by bertrand bascoules

    hey man, thx for distribute but you crush my work there!
    Can you do something about it?
    It is painful to see here!

    • Posted on February 6, 2013 by admin

      yes, sure. in a few moments it will be resolved
      sorry for the inconvenience.
      we exported the site from one platform to another and some images were destroyed in proportions.

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