Abstract sculptures by Andrea Jancovicova

Andrea Jancovicova is an artist preoccupied about metal sculptures and installations. See her plastic or bronze, abstract sculptures and enjoy more of her street typography inspired works here.
I was very impressed by this artist and especially by her works that you can see below. Unfortunately, there are not so many information regarding the artist but I will contact her for an interview as soon as possible to find more about her art and inspiration. All I could find is that she is moving between Pressburg, Berlin, Slovakia and that she studied



at University of Applied Arts Vienna (Austria), Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava (Slovakia) and Germany.

Andrea Jancovicova: to create means “to testify”. I reflect my surroundings, my era. For me it is necessary. I take metaphors, symbols, codes, molding material in my hand to express “urgency of testimony”.


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