Butt Uglee characters stuffed with polyfill and hand painted with acrylics

Have you ever met a spider named Brando? I am not sure it’s Marlon…but even so, it’s the cutest animal in the world. These characters are soft sculptures wall art. They are dimensional, made of muslin and painted with acrylics by Butt Uglee. Jennifer Jones is a full time artist living in Wexford, Pennsylvania. I discovered her on etsy.com and I was so



impressed about her whimsical characters using muslin, acrylics and dimensional paints.  Each Butt Uglee character is unique and stuffed with polyfill and hand painted with acrylics. Take a look on Jennifer Jone’s link here or choose from etsy.com one puppet that could be either hanged on a wall, or free standing or painted on a canvas.


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