Dave Hakkens first project with paper

Dave Hakkens is updating his portfolio with some new creative ideas. He uses paper to inspire kids. In this post, everything about his first idea. First, he had a problem and some questions:  “Nowadays, children drown in toys. The market for toys and
children’s products is bigger than ever. But is this really necessary? Do children really need that much stuff to play with?” So he decided to inspire kids and he wanted do give a value to the wrapping paper. Adults do not use it longer but still, paper could be something kids would use to draw. He invented the wrapping paper with kids drawings. And for this, he made 3
different rolls of paper for different kid ages. The first one is filled with funny inspiring words that children can think of and make a visual. The second, for kids having more than 7 years: he printed shapes that had to be continued by the kids. Finally, on the last one: a plain paper for kids over 8 years. Their imagination must go wild.  

  1. Posted on November 9, 2011 by Anonymous

    awesome! love the guy

  2. Posted on November 10, 2011 by Inspiration of the nation

    we love his ideas too:))
    hope for an interview these days.
    stay tuned:)

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