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On November 10, 2011
Last modified:January 4, 2013


Bubi Canal is an artist that combines many types of media with artistic methods: photography, video and sculpture. He explores and he is inspired by human wishes, dreams, magic and love. We gathered some of his works and share them with you, together with an interview. Hope you will enjoy.


1. Do you have some artworks since you were a child?
Yes, I still have the first thing that I made with my hands, it’s a clay owl. I’m very grateful that my parents took me to ceramic classes when I was a kid.
2. When did you start working on this?
When I was studying at the University of the Basque Country I did my first project, “joyboy”. To me this was the beginning and I continued doing more and more projects and shows after.  I wanted to be ready for real life before I finish the university.
3. Can you send us the first artistic manifests you had?
Yes, see below the “joyboy” image.


4. Why did you choose this medium to express yourself?

I like photography and video because I love to work with other people and introduce things like dance, motion, costumes, music, sculpture, objects….
5. When and how did you find your style?
I wasn´t looking for it, I just choose the things I love around and inside me. Everybody can find their own style.
6. How do you work?
I always keep a sketchbook. I’m always writing words, lists, ideas and doing sketches for my projects. I like that I can work everywhere. I always do my work in an easy and simple way.


7. What inspires you?

Anything can inspire me. Michael Jackson was a big inspiration to me when I was a kid and still is today. I really love all that he did and he’s very special to me.
8. What themes do you pursue?
Right now I’m interested in human emotions, fantasy, mystery, love and dreams.
9. What’s your favorite art work?
I love ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ by Bosch. When I’m in Madrid like to visit The Prado Museum just to see it. It´s so beautiful.
10. Do make any difference between a work on a brief and your personal work?
No, I think everything is connected and all that I do will always have part of me in it.


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