Interview with jewelry designer Dana Tudor

Dana Tudor has been working for 11 years as an architect when, a few years ago, she discovered  the beauty of expression that jewelry design offers. She started working 2 years ago in this field, taking private classes with David Sandu, one of the most successful jewelry designers in Romania, at the Contemporary Jewellery School.


When and how did you find your style? 
It’s hard to say I’ve found my style. Certainly I don’t have found my style. I am still looking for new means of expression.
How do you work? 
I have my studio in Bucharest. My work is divided between commissions for my clients and developing my own projects. I always start by doing some preliminary sketches. Sometimes, it takes me a few days until I am satisfied with the result of my attempts and searches, sometimes I abandon my ideas and try to think about a new design. This is a very important and very complex stage that I am very fond of, and along with the concept,  leads to the  coherence of expression. In some situations, I use a 3D modeling software to model some of the complex shapes of the jewelry, in order to show them to the clients. Once the project of the jewelry is done, with all the details solved, I start to produce it very accurately. I like to work with metals, semiprecious stones, leather, wood and the list is ever changing, the ideas that are coming bring with them a variety of other working materials. I am very concentrated on my entire work and nothing and no one should disturb me.



What inspires you? 
Inspiration can be found everywhere. You just need to keep your eyes and spirit open. I think everything around me inspires me in a way or another.
What themes do you pursue? 
At this moment, I’m trying to make the most use of the primary geometrical shapes and I’m looking to  tell interesting stories.
What’s your favorite art work? 
I love a lot of artists and a lot of art works, so it’s very hard to choose only one piece of art.
Do make any difference between a work on a brief and your personal work? 
Usually, when I work on a brief, I have „free hand” to express myself. The client may suggest me a theme or certain materials that should be used. So, the entire concept belongs to me. Therefore, I make no difference between a work on a brief and my personal work.


If you want to know more about her and her works contact her here, take a look on her Facebook page here, or on her site  here.

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