The most ancient map in the world

The most ancient map in the world. The stone was discovered in Sippar, in Irak and it is exposed at British Museum. The stone represents the world as seen by the Babylonians. Via La boite verte.

  1. Posted on February 16, 2014 by Łukasz S2 Sobi

    Very beautiful Ancient Stoned Time Map of the World . Like the signs above show a Two Armies of Warriors ,, and also a Two Continents like Our Europe ,, and the Africa !! I have write Africa ,, and not America ,, because Our Earth looks different before the Continents have been move ” Change Places ” !! And below it is a Map of that Old beautiful Ancient World !! Next We can see a directions to come ( two roads ) ,, and also those round important point’s on Earth in some areas ,, that have a special design ,, or they are sending some natural energy up to the Space ,, so like the awesome StoneHenge that can work as a Sunlight Word race course ,, or a port to come ,, also all of the amazing Ancient Temples that have stairs up to the Sky ,, and the gold plated level beyond by true work at the greatest Pyramids !! It’s also look like a Space Timetable with useful platforms to park on Planet’s ,, also a Fly Aisle is connecting it ,, and in advance hold this Space Ancient World Map the Sun ,, and show a three course ( there maybe be more ,, but the Stone is damage !! So if look at the Map there is in centre of it a small hole ,, and sign like ” T ” – so it’s work as a Sun Timer if We add there a piece of wood then maybe be more to know of this beautiful Ancient Map ,, and this round points !! Those important hand-made souvenir by Our nice Friends are still looking like beautiful Palaces ,, even like open for everyone ,, and at any time Old Museums ,, and free for visit ,, learn by touch the Ancient History ,, and read some signs that are left everywhere on the ground ,, Stones ,, and Trees by Those awesome Ancient People for Us !! Strange is that most of the Old Monuments are destroyed ,, and as a ruins they show that do this a terrible fire ,, or a big blow throw the Stones buildings in pieces on the ground ,, same like this amazing Ancient World Map carry some damage !! It’s a pity that the Museum is so far away from my region to visit it ,, and see so close this Ancient Map ,, and all those beautiful History monuments inside !! :)

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