Interview with a cat owner, lover and artist, Ann from TwentyLittleLights

I met Ann from TwentyLittleLights on Etsy and I discovered a kind person that loves working with acrylics and textiles, but even more, she loves cats. You will wonder what is she exposing on Etsy? Well, everything she creates is full of joy and for sure, her items will make you smile: paintings, decorations and plushies will make you purr, as she confesses:) Below you will find some more about her and what inspires her to create such cute inspiring things. Thank you!


Do you have some artwork since you were a child?
I’ve been painting and drawing since I was very little. It has always been a passion. When I was ten, my mother told me I could choose a hobby, and I chose art class. I dug up the oldest “art work” that I still had. I was 13 then and a big Keanu Reeves fan. Yep… Teenage girls right? :-) It’s really funny to see the portrait again. I actually forgot I ever made it, and I don’t even like Keanu anymore! :-)
Can you send us the first artistic manifests you had?
This is the very first etching I ever made (and it isn’t very good :-) ). I was about 20, started my bachelor year, and tried etching, lino cutting and all the graphic techniques, but later on I realized I would much rather paint. I want to feel paint on my hands, and build up a painting layer by layer.


When did you start doing this?
I can’t even remember when I started painting. But I opened my Etsy shop only a few months ago, after years of not really being creative. I didn’t have the time or space. But now I do, and it’s only now that I realize how much I’ve missed it.
Why did you choose this medium to express yourself?
I’ve always preferred painting with acrylic paint because you can build texture with it, it dries fairly quickly and it’s easy to work with. I like the smell and feel of it. I recently discovered that I like working with textiles as well. Seeing lovely fabrics with beautiful and interesting prints gives me inspiration.


When and how did you find your style?
Finding my style was a tough road. In school I was always told that I was too cautious, that I played it safe. It took me years to dare and try something different, and it’s only now, when I’m 33 that I feel confident and daring enough to really express myself and experiment.
How do you work?
It depends. Sometimes I walk around with an idea for weeks before I start painting. Other times I make a moodboard with different colors and pictures that I mold into a painting. I only make sketches when I have a commission. When I work for myself I start painting directly and often just see where the brush leads me.


What inspires you?
My own two cats inspire me a lot. But also seeing a stash of fabrics that I want to combine with each other. Or a movie, or a book. Children stories are a great source of inspiration as well. Or the colors of nature in the different seasons.
What themes do you pursue?
I like working around animals. I’ve always had a close affinity with animals and they work better for me on paper than human figures. Right now I have painted a lot of cats because I donate 1/3 of my profit to a local cat shelter, Cat Shelter Limburg. But I plan on portraying other animals as well in the near future.


What’s your favorite art work?
Do you mean in general of out of my shop?
In general: I love so many artists. There are people on Etsy who can really amaze me with their talent. I like the vibrancy of Frida Kahlo, the elegance of Alphonse Mucha, the tragedy of Edvard Munch and the darkness of Felicien Rops.
In my shop: the plushie “Mr Giggles”. If you can call that art. But it was the first softie that I ever made after practicing on sewing for weeks, and many many many tips from my mother, who is an excellent seemstress.


Find Ann’s shop and all about her works here.
Ann, thank you a lot for your interview and paintings. Kisses to Floor and Bram:)

1/3 of the profit of the paintings and prints she sales on Etsy is donated to Cat Shelter Limburg, a Belgian non-profit organization that shelters stray kittens in foster homes until they have found their definite home. You can visit their website at


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