Interview with Isaac Bonan

Isaac Bonan is a Strasbourg based illustrator (France). He creates fashion illustrations and he is skilled in the art of portrait. He uses watercolor, pencils, acrylic, markers. Recently, he had an exhibition at the prestigious and luxury International Finance Center (ifc) Mall in Hong Kong, for Milk X magazine 5th anniversary exhibition “Style Legends”.
When did you start working on this ?

I start working on this comic when I was 13 yars old. Today I’m 26. A that time, I was skating a lot and loved the australian television serie Heartbreak High, so I wanted to do the same kind of story and world through comic with my own characters.

Why did you choose this medium to express yourself?
As far as I remember, I’ve always liked drawing and painting.
It was natural and could not conceive to do anything else.
I realized that only physical contact with the traditional equipment can give me real feelings.
When and how did you find your style?
I think I found my “definitive” style two years ago by synthesizing my influences.


How do you work?
I try to eliminate the maximum of elements, to de-construct in order to highlight what seems important to me like, eyes, lips or hair.I like when negative and positive spaces compete together on the paper in order to show a balance. But what I try to highlight the most is the eyes expressions because they can reflect emotions.Therefore, I mostly use watercolor pencils and colored inks because they allow a particularly bright result, they give a certain freshness and lightness to the piece, plus they naturally create shapes and colors I hadn’t planned ! My artistic work and style aims to generate emotion and beauty.
What inspires you?
Many sources inspire me everyday: all medias (magazines, books).
Colors and music can touch me. Sometimes, the nature of a shade can suggest ideas to me.
Generally, I make my environment a jumble of ideas: I seek the detail that will form, bring something, and sublime my work.
What themes do you pursue?
One of my orientation in my artworks is to capture the aesthetic world of fashion. Actually I always loved draw human body, attitude, faces, and what is linked to beauty and aesthetic.

What’s your favorite art work?
There’s too many artwork that I love ! But I especially love the work of David Downton, Raymond Moretti and Drew Struzan to name a few.

Do make any difference between a work on a brief and your personal work?
Not really, although it’s commissioned or personal work, I enjoy the same way. The only difference would be the deadline I think !


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