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On January 10, 2012
Last modified:January 4, 2013


Matteo De Colle is doing a lot of creative things made from recycled materials – and you can see them all on his blog Light Trash Design here. We contacted him for an interview and here are the interesting things we found out about him, inspirational starting points and generally, his works. Enjoy!


When did you start working on this ?
I asked my mum for my first drawings. She found this in her secret drawer. I must have been five and that was probably a lion. I loved to draw, I remember drawing a lot of houses, then I started with cats. Looking back I see little improvisation and free personal expression: I wanted things to look neat and precise ( see the lion at the end of the post ). In 2009 I was reading Collapse, a book by a geographer who traced the reasons for ancient societies’ end in environmental resources depletion. Very depressing read: doomed and cornered I needed a way out. But something which would not add to my sense of guilt.


Why did you choose this medium to express yourself?
It was cheap, abundant stuff and, above all, guilt free.
When and how did you find your style?
My taste must have something to do with restraint. I love and fear people’s attention at the same time therefore I try to express myself without being too explicit or bombastic. I have always been ambitious and shy at the same time. A friend published a picture on fb: the whole class of 9 year old children after first communion on the village church altar. I am small, red in the face, raising myself on tiptoes for my head to be seen.


How do you work?

What I do depends on what i find. I asked my neighbor to throw into my garden her discarded plastic. Almost each day I find something new on the gravels, like a morning egg. I then open the blue bin in my street and see colors, textures and shapes in random order. There is a 4 lane street not far from here, on the city ring. It is long, and punctuated by many bins, when I go there it is big game: I pack the car full.
What inspires you?
I love the latent show inherent in each object and situation. The possibility of surprising someone and making him/her smile.


What themes do you pursue?

I remember a morning lesson in Venice, an urban planning professor, very popular among students was giving us a lecture. Its meaning seemed quite obscure to me so I clinged to the few sentences that made sense. At one point he said: “ There is no ugly material, ugly can be only what you make of it” This sounded important. I wrote it down on my notebook.
What’s your favorite art work?

I want to buy a picture I saw in a antique shop, mesmerizing. A 19thC portrait of a stern lady, she holds some keys, a tight grip, a fierce smile. Under her command everything would be fine. The last art book I bought is “Damn everything but the Circus” by Corita Kent.

Thank you Matteo for the lovely interview and we are glad that after all, we made it:)


Here are some contacts of Matteo:
adress: via Isonzo 37, 33100 Udine


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