100% human hair Hat and necklaces by Florian Dovillez

Florian Dovillez was inspired by architecture for his new fall/winter 2012.2013 collection named Modulor. Modulor was introduced by Le Corbusier in 1945 and it represents a unit of measurement. The artist uses colors like black, gray and white (the visual symbols of concrete) and geometric shapes to remind us of architectural elements. These fashion accessories are 100% made from human hair that was curled, textured and adjusted with styling products to create these visual effects as you can see.  The hair stays smooth but in the same time it is rigid and it constructs beautiful massive shapes. As a fashion lover, Florian Dovillez made his way towards hairdressing with the only



objective of unleashing all the creativity within him. He is trained in his country of origin, France, to move to Madrid in 2008 in order to keep learning and improving his skills. Thank you, Florian for sharing all these with us:)

Here is the team: Artistic director & Music : Florian Dovillez Video : François Brétéché & Nicolas Capiaux

Photographer: Julien Cozzolino Stylist: Sophie Aprile Make-up: Sarah Henry Models: Thomas Lagrève / Mike Assan




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