Apisculpture by Aganetha Dyck

Aganetha Dyck is a multi media Canadian artist that works with bees. Lovely pieces of art made in collaboration with bees. How is this possible? The artist places different objects inside of beehives and the bees cover them with honeycombs. How do you found these images? Some of them think they are grotesque, but in the same time, they look extraordinary. The artist is interested in studying inter species communication. Over the past 14 years she



studied everything about bees: their sound, dance, use of sound and even scent and also their relation to the human beings. For this, the artist moved from one place to another: she visited The Netherlands, UK and some towns in France: Avignon, Troyes. Hope you will enjoy these bee pictures and these textures done by bees: they look so dramatic! Via Psfk.


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