Composition of Mammals by Wataru Yoshida

Composition of Mammals by Wataru Yoshida, an artist that was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1987. In 2007, he chooses to pursue an education in design at the Tama Art University in the field of graphic design and illustration. Composition of Mammals is a series of this Photographs, to show a pure fascination for the mysterious and delicate qualities of the Mammals Anatomy. Lovely details made in white lines that underline the muscles and the inner parts of the animals. Interesting study that uses illustration and photo in the same time. The motive for the series of



Photographs, “Composition of Mammals”, is to show the complex and interesting structure of the Mammals body. The Composition of Mammals studies the anatomy of mammals with displays of taxidermy and skulls.  This project was Wataru Yoshida graduation work at Tama Art University. See his site here.


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