Contemporary jewelries made from paper by Doris

Doris from  Paper Statement creates jewelry made of paper and cardboard. The artist confesses she loves ornaments, structures, textures and patterns. She studied art history and Italian literature, took some trips in Italy and learned Italian. She was a guide too in the Italian museums from different cities like: Milan, Venice, Florence. After that, she decided to move near Munich, in Bavaria, in the south of Germany. “I like amorphous soft shapes, asymmetry, proportion and color combinations. I can find them everywhere” the artist says. Being creative was her



life: she discovered she is talented at the age of 13, then she sold her first piece of jewelry and then she studied art history and opened a shop. She is skilled in knitting, crocheting, sewing, making Venetian masks, bead jewelry, Christmas ornaments, mosaic, painting on glass, silk and porcelain. Also, she has another store on Etsy ArtOnPorcelain – where she sales porcelain cups. Below you can find her contemporary jewelries made from paper. Each model is unique and the jewelries are made from book papers. An interview about her here.


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