WonderlandRoom, a shop that inspires you

WonderlandRoom is a shop based in South Korea that has a lot of practical, supplies, remarkable, funny and enjoyable products. Among them, I noticed especially two products that kept my attention. The Crystal Square Pattern Stamp and Lace Doily Sticker for Hand-Made Products. I love a lot their style and beautiful color choices: beige, pink, soft grays. All their creative products are delicate and great for any decorations you like. Express your creativityand make the most of any gift. Attach these stickers to paper or fabrics, for photo albums, party presents



or just have fun with them. This white lace print sticker is printed with “hand made” gold color words. Any set includes 16 stickers made in Korea. Be sure to order something from this creative shop on Etsy because they deliver all over the world. As about the Crystal Square Pattern Stamp, take a look at these pictures to see the beauty of decorative details they have:)