Abraxas Rex by Paris Kain

The Abraxas Rex collection represents the duality of light and darkness. The jewelry is designed at New York by Paris Kain, a Brooklyn-based jewelry designer. They are created in platinum, sliver and rough stones. The collection is signed also by the  designer Alexander Wang



About Paris Kain, he is also a photographer, painter, and filmmaker. He designed the accessories for Calvin Klein in 2008. He worked on this futuristic collection and also has another project with Rick Owens. When he was asked about how did he start his jewelry design career he answered “The first ring I made was from a stone that I found on the outskirts of a monastery in Kyoto, Japan. Eventually I made a few prototypes for fun and they seemed to resonate with people”. He likes to work on gold also and he uses the stones he fins during his trips– and sometimes these are meteorits from outer space and even dinosaur bones that he found in the place where a huge meteorit was crashing in Siberia.
You can find the collection to buy at Colette.


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