Aerium Ornament – Cocoon

Air plants are a must these days! Look at these aerium ornaments and the beautiful designs of these glass ornaments! Living worlds suspended. Air plants and mosses arranged by Flora Grubb. When the season is over, hang your Aerium Ornament – Cocoon near a window and watch the tiny landscape grow and change.These special designs can be placed and used also as garden ornaments if you want, but I would rather prefer them for the interior. They can be the perfect gift for your family or even a special present for your kids. They will love to take care of these mini



gardens suspended! See more on Flora Grubb‘s site for personalized Christmas ornaments, vertical gardens, terrariums, aerium Ornaments or bubble aeriums. I read on Flora Grubb‘s site about Aerium Ornaments and there are some precious advice regarding the way you should take care of your plants. The pack received by post should not remain boxed longer than a week. You should keep the plant in an indirect light and  water it every week or two, depending on light and heat conditions. If interested in dried plants, try to use the aeriums as decorative objects. The plants look lovely if allowed to dry inside the ornament. In the images below, see some  Christmas ornaments globes that you can have for $24.00.


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