Batucada fashion designs: tatoo-jewelry from rubber

Batucada fashion is coming with a new idea: to create jewelry out of eco rubber that fits perfect your body and adapts to any shape. Necklaces, bracelets,  armbands, foot jewel  or earings, just name it! Incredible rubber designs that could be either organic shapes or geometrics.

Thanks to its Eco Friendly material and its talented designers, Batucada rubber jewelryis marketed in 5 continents in concept, design & fashion stores. The jewelry also




floats, it is elastic and could be washed with soap and water. You can wear these designseither to the beach or in town, during sports or in the evening, on some special occasions. It sticks to the skin due to its glossy side and also one piece of jewelry could be transformed into another: armbands could be bracelets or foot jewels because they adapt. I like the fact that they look like tatoos, they are colorful and decorativeand light-weight to wear. They have shops all around Europe and also, they could be found at Tollwood Munich for the next 2 weeks.  

  1. Posted on July 4, 2011 by Inspiration of the nation

    Here are some answers to our questions:
    1. when did you started to produce these?
    In 2006.
    2. how come that one side is matte and the other glossy?
    We use moulds & the open part is the one which becomes glossy.
    3. what is the techique you use for the jewels?
    All the technique is handmade, by filling moulds.
    4. what are the prizes – between and between?
    Bracelets & earrings: from 12 to 16 Euros.
    Necklaces: from 24 to 30 Euros.

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