Doloris Petunia designs by Courtney Prince

One of a kind custom cuffs made to order by Doloris Petunia. I love the colors, crafting and originality these creations have. Courtney Prince and the Doloris Petunia team use precious materials like: gold, silver, Swarovski Crystals and Vintage Crystals, soft leather and extra high quality products to offer you a piece of jewelry that you



can transmit from generation to generation. Each of the beauties above are one of a kind, especially made for you. Courtney and the Doloris Petunia team are experts at pulling together every detail of your wedding or personal taste to create a truly one of a kind future heirloom. The pieces are hand molded to the shape of your wrist. All products are easy to wear, flexible and durable because of their construction techniques.


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