Geometric Necklace by Iluxo shop on Etsy

Interesting Etsy geometric necklaces made in acrylic plastic and golden chain. Fragile design that need a special attention and storing by Mariko Carandang, owner of Iluxo shop on Etsy. Iluxo is a handmade fashion brand featuring necklaces, earrings, hair pins and home decor. Mariko Carandang loves to work in materials like wood, leather, and acrylic. The artist confesses she likes to use also mass produced elements but she is very careful with these in her



designs. She prefers to use these basic components like settings and chains but the rest, she ensures us they are designed entirely by her hands. Each piece of these geometric necklaces was previously drawn, drafted, and designed by Mariko. This season, the artist said, prisms and geometric designs are a must. Cut from ivory-colored acrylic plastic, the chain is gold plated and measures 16″. The pendant is about 3.5″ wide, and about 1.5″ high. The pieces are very fragile and they have to be treated correspondingly. Iluxo can make customized geometric necklaces too.


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