Interview with illustrator Kristopher Ho

Kristopher Ho was born in Hong Kong, 1986. He confesses he was very talkative when he was a child, so, his mother gave him a piece of paper and a pen to draw. Since then, he explored his feelings and identity and now, as you can see below, he creates beautiful visuals where everything is possible. He designed an imaginary world of his own, a fantastic space full of detailed characters: The spirit of Earth, The whale city, The city of Pineapple. The creature. We wanted to know more about Kristopher, so we contacted him for an interview. Enjoy!


Do you have some artworks since you were a child?

When did you start working on this? I started drawing since I was little. As a typical young boy, I was a bit hyperactive. Therefore my mum decided to give me a pen and a piece of paper so I can entertain myself without causing too much troubles. Ever since, I became addicted to drawing, I drew all over my homework and text books, which wasn’t very well behaved (even though I loved it). I started my project since 2007, I think I was looking for something which represents who I am and what I do. I am looking for a balance between details and cleanness. My illustrations are pretty crowded, but at the same time I want people to look at the details… um… I don’t really know what I am talking about~ hahaha.

How do you work?

If you are asking about what do I do when I work, I will put on this Japanese classics anime called “Doraemon”, somehow it reminds me of my childhood and what I drew… and it works! It’s more like an instinct. I held my pen and the illustrations came out. But I do think it’s mainly due to the fact I read a lot of comic books, manga and movies. At the same time, I had this idea of reproducing drawings which I did when I was a little boy, and see how I will picture it now.

What inspires you?

Almost anything inspires me: books, people, places, photographs, movies…

What themes do you pursue?

Theme? um… I think is the idea of “Home”. I won’t go into details, because I want my audience to think about it themselves. :P

What’s your favorite art work?

Favorite???!!!!!!!! God… so many… I will suffer a mental breakdown if I am getting into this… Do make any difference between a work on a brief and your personal work? I think many people have this trouble of finding a right balance between personal work and commercial brief… in my case, I just do what I do, because I think my brain had already decided it for me. Thinking too much will only stop you from moving forward. :) It’s about rediscovering the possibilities of what you can create and satisfy yourself, rather than doing something which only pays your rent and bills but killing your passion and potential.


Thank you, Kristopher for the interview! :)

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