Melissa Schmidt’s bubble jewelry

Like all artist, Melissa Schmidt found her inspiration around her: the lovely more than 100 years glass window of her old house were a great way to start dreaming about light, distortion and transparence. So she started doing her own jewels: these cute hand blown glass spheres.



Each one of them contains and image made on film, so, when you want to order the pieces of jewelry, make sure to send her first the photos you want to wear: with your family, dogs or any other picture you want.For wedding occasion, she can customize her designs with white flowers. No matter the imagery inside,  inside of little glass bubbles, all necklaces have a sterling silver neck wire. 16″ or 18″ available. I guess you could spend hours to take a closer look to the glass bubbles and to capture the light in each one of them. What do you think? More about her, on etsy.






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