Original Robot Sculptures and Robot Art by Tal Avitzur

Tal Avitzur found his passion for kinetic creations some time ago while working for sculptor George Rickey. Tal Avitzur uses vintage metal parts found at scrap yards to create original robot sculptures. These robots don’t clean your house, wash your car, walk your dog, or sing and dance. They do however light up. The artist’s states: “I pay cash for junk that nobody else wants…old tools, scientific equipment, vintage kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, marine and auto salvage, etc… and turn them into robot night lights.” A sample of other parts



that Tal Avitzur uses to create these retro pieces are vintage breaker boxes, oil filters, brass candlestick holders, fire department hoses, sprinklers, pumps, military gauges, various unidentified scrap metal yard objects, and color changing LEDs. He is inspired by comic books, science fiction, and mythology to create these playful objects. Parts are brought to his workshop where they are cleaned, disassembled (if necessary), sometimes polished, then sorted. Pieces have their own personality and story. Enjoy Tal Avitzur‘s creations above.


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