Recycled paper art pillows stories

Want to add a little bit more style to your room? Create a decorative style for your home, office or living room: Pillow stories is a shop that sells decorative pillows made from recycled paper art. Its mixed color palette, makes it easy to update your interior. Lovely decorative paper patterns that look like embroidery. The artist used colorful folded magazine paper and repeated pattern to create water resistant pillows.These creative pillows are crafted in



an animal-smoke-free environment. This innovative pillow cover combines the traditional idea of embroidery with materials never been used for that purpose, creating a pop art result! Apart from the recycled paper, the artist uses other materials, such as natural chenille cord that traditional fishermen use or pure woolen yard for knitting. Additionally, wherever you live, a Story Book shape box, especially designed for Pillow Stories and made out of sturdy corrugated recycled kraft paper, will be delivered at your door, sealing your handmade pillow cover along with its accompanied story. Free shipping. You can also find Pillow Stories on Facebook or here.


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