Terrariums, air plants and nature jewelry by Lindsay Brandt

Interesting idea in wearing and sharing your garden. I found LBrandt terraria vases, air plants, plants installations on Etsy. I discovered a heavenly corner where nature meets design. LBrandt gives the idea that everyone can own a piece of heaven. Enjoy their lines, shapes and forms in any space. Enjoy the nature on your neck ( see the terrariums for neck ), organic shapes and natures jewels made by Lindsay Brandt. The artist uses porcelain and resin and sterling



silver to create meticulous designs that are so precious. I love the white colors in the presence of green: the objects are delicate and small, you can keep them in the palm of your hand. Wear them or offer them as gifts for weddings, celebrations or mother’s day. An interview with the owner of this Etsy shop – Lindsay Brandt – here: ” Modern, green and organic architecture is often a spawning element in my art world.  I love minimalism: clean lines coupled with contrast.  Texture is crisp with defined features that induce crazy, ecstatic soul-sparks from within.”






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