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On May 3, 2012
Last modified:May 4, 2012


Timor Cohen is one of my favorites on Etsy. Love these creations – no matter if they are mouse dolls, family dolls, bead dolls, baby books, handbags, colorful blankets or rabbit dolls. Everything she does is based on materials themselves. At the beginning, some multicolored threads she once inherited, a wrong sized t-shirt with a lovely texture, a jar of buttons and a pillow with precious embroidery were her creative starting point and her inspiration. Traveling abroad, Timor found a romantic dress in a second-hand shop and together with her precious things and a family handkerchief with her grandfather’s initial – all these were transformed into these beauties you can see in the images. The desire to sew these together, to make something new, was born.  TIMO is a small design line, all hand-made and unique by its nature – sewn with an eye for detail and a touch for fabric. TIMO is part of the EcoDesign trend – this means that every piece of what Timor is doing is based on recycled materials, scraps or designers’ fabrics. Product Catalog and More information can be found on: www.timo-handmade.com. Contact Timor Cohen here on her Facebook page.


  1. Posted on May 3, 2012 by Timor

    Dear Ioana
    The site is truly inspiring you have superb eye!
    Thanks for your kind words – I extremely moved
    You made my day!!
    Thank you

    • Posted on May 4, 2012 by admin

      thank you:) i am glad you like it. please keep me updated about your future projects:)

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