Interview with Romanian artist, Letitia Pintilie from Bijuteriiwhatelse

Bijuteriiwhatelse is the name of one of my favorites Breslo shops. The Romanian artist uses different natural materials like dried plants and acorns combined with enameled copper, resin, transparent glass and feathers – to create these unconventional contemporary jewelry designs. We contacted the artist and ask her a few question about her inspirational sources, creative method and her style. Read below to find out more about Letitia Pintilie from Bijuteriiwhatelse.


1. Do you have some artworks since you were a child?

No, I don’t really have things [“artworks “ included] from when I was a child, but I do remember I was terrible [and not in a good way] at drawing. Still am, actually.

2. Can you send us the first artistic manifests you had?

Even if it would still be in my possession, I would probably be soooo embarrassed to do that

3. When did you start working on this ?

My guess would be 4-5 years ago – I know, my memory is terrible, too.

4. Why did you choose this medium to express yourself?

It was love at first sight. Or touch, depends on how you choose to see it.


5. When and how did you find your style?

If you’d ask me “What’s your style?”, I’d find myself at a loss of words. So what I’m trying to say is that I don’t feel like I found my style, even if there are people referring to it, as if it’s already a done deal.

6. How do you work?

In complete and utter silence, to begin with. There are times when I sketch like crazy – sketches that later on I don’t find, I don’t understand [yeah, I am terrible at drawing ], or I never will use. There are times when an idea just pops, I’m very anxious to make it real, and I just go and do it. Or at least try to.

7. What inspires you?

Mainly – the materials. Especially when they’re pretty new on my table. Or floor, for that matter – I usually do most of my work there. I can’t say nature inspires me very much, or things of all sorts. Hmmm, maybe they do and I just don’t realize it.


8. What themes do you pursue?

None in particular, I just go with the flow. What’s your favorite art work? I don’t know which would be my favourite – it’s so hard to decide on liking just one. Although I’ve always wondered how could Michelangelo make David so flawless?

9. Do make any difference between a work on a brief and your personal work?

No, work is work, and I try to make no difference, though I prefer the latter.



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