Pippifax and her magical soap bubbles

Pippifax and I met last year near Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. I previously wrote a short article about this cute elf and her lovely soap bubbles. As  you can see in the images below, she is really wonderful in all what she does. In fact she admits she is bringing some light, fun and magic into every people’s life. I amused myself to see her and talk with her about the soap bubbles and the magic of these bubbles. Pippifax, a bubble artist based in Berlin started doing this on the streets of Berlin, Germany and her aim was to put a smile of any citizen’s face. Lovely job, and what could be funnier than to have your “job” in free space and play a little bit with the kids? Later on, she started to organize bubble workshops to promote Art for children. Bubble Art is a very easy art and this is what makes it so special. And another funny thing: her slogan: “Less troubles, do bubbles“. Cute indeed. Thank you, Pippifax for sharing this marvelous things with us:)



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