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On June 21, 2012
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Eugenia Ghica, the owner of Bohemian Sin shop on Etsy is, as she calls herself “that bad thing that happens to good people”:) I’ve seen many stages of her creations and I loved them all: the colorful collection, the electric one, the botanical collection, her butterflies jewelries, her Russian and Ukrainian collection but for sure her last collection “Down to earth” is what I love most. The artist uses natural wood picked from the forest during her trip into the mountains, pure cotton threads, glass beads, colorful fabrics and embroideries. Lovely textures and beautiful color harmonies as you can see in the images. What I appreciate the most to her creations is the fact that everything is done by her: she makes all her supplies, builds everything from the beginning, colors her fabrics with tea and natural colors, makes her beads in modelling clay. As about the photos and the crazy backgrounds she uses to give an extra touch to her jewelries, well, I am very pleased to see that she takes care of all the details. All these contemporary jewelries are handmade, using natural elements. The pieces are one of a kind, so hurry up to buy your favorite one from here.


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But until then, here is a small interview with Eugenia regarding her work and inspiration.


What do you expect when exposing your work to the public?

To be appreciated :))) No, now i’m joking around. I don’t expect anything at all. But i’m anxious every time about the feedback that i will get for it.

The last work, book, film, that has moved me was…

I can’t really remember it so well. Actually, i think I am kind of a stone heart. Nothing moves me that much.The last book that i read and liked was ‘Katia, the blue demon’ by Martha Bibescu. Oh, yeah, i like love stories and dramas – more drama, more fun for me.

Any designer, jeweler, artist, you appreciate a lot?

It is hard to say. I look over the internet, not that often, and i do not ‘take notes’. I am afraid of being influenced without my wish involved. There are so many talented people and I appreciate certain aspects in every piece of work that I see.

Your favorite piece of work that gave you satisfaction?

First of all, i love the feeling that i get when I finish something and I am proud of myself. I don’t get this a lot because I am a perfectionist. Still, i’ve got a wonderful vibe with some necklaces as Lost in grey, Frolicsome Love, Magnolia, Rock my world, Storm at the shore, Maya or Algae and shells.

A favorite country whose creativity surprises you is…

Thailand…or India…or Africa…or Russia…or Mexic, or the Native Americans :)))). Every country and it’s traditions could be a muse for everyone. And you just can not compare them. Is like comparing 2 extraordinay painters.

How do you select the theme for you works ?

It depends on the moment or the personal favorites themes….at that point.Or the materials i get my hand on. Or the last places i’ve seen. It starts with an idea, a wish of trying something that cross my mind, than i develop it and make some more pieces related.

Tell us about yourself.

There is nothing special about me. I am just like everybody else: i eat, create, watch TV, create, drink a lot of coffee, create, sometimes I even sleep, drink coffee, smoke, create, smell the rain, imagine, dream. I hate to wake up early in the morning and infatuated people…..ant to much pink or sparkles. I never studied arts or something related to what i do now, i was once a lawyer(till last year), i am still looking for my path in life. All i can say for the moment is that i love what I do.

Apart from creating, what do you do?

Hmm, drink coffee. Have I told you that?:D I am such a lazy person.

Where does your inspiration come from?

From everything: pictures, images that I see, materials, feelings, even personalized orders….

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