Dominic Elvin science fiction jewelry

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On July 11, 2012
Last modified:July 11, 2012


Dominic Elvin is an artist and interior designer specialized in futuristic art and design. His designs are at the edge of art, fashion and science-fiction, providing an unique vision of the future. The wonderful work of Dominic Lee Elvin takes shape after more than 15 years of specializing in futuristic art and design, drawing much of his inspiration from the fascinating world of frontier sciences. The unusual and creative jewelry designs by Dominic Elvin provide an unique vision inspired by cybernetic fashion. The unconventional jewelry pieces look amazing, and can not pass unnoticed. Inspiration for the designs is drawn from frontier sciences and technologies and molded into wearable art. One of the most interesting pieces of Dominic Elvin’s art are the so-called cybernetic head systems.



These are unique and original piece of science-fiction inspired head gears, with side mounted LED lights. Incorporating the LED lighting enhances a sense of function and energy, bringing the accessories to life. Dominic is constantly exploring new ways to use his creativity, and draws inspiration from different kind of sources, like atoms, cybernetics or circuits. His jewelry designs show us a different kind of unconventional beauty, that can make us dream and inspire our lives. I like his work because he managed to integrate classic jewelry design with futuristic and technological elements, creating wonderful and innovative pieces of wearable art. For more information about the unconventional jewelry made by Dominic Elvin you can visit his jewelry stores on the website and his Etsy on-line shop.

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