Light sculpture by Margaret O’Rorke

Margaret O’Rorke is a ceramic artist from UK that creates lightning objects from transparent porcelain. She worked as a ceramic artist for the last 30 years, and recently she started to create transparent porcelain lightning designs for industrial manufacturing. She has been developing lightning design ideas that can be industrially produced for any kind of interiors, as well as producing new individual studio works.



She developed different types of amazing light sculptures, anything from tabletop models to wall units made of porcelain. Using the hand-thrown porcelain technique, she managed to create lightning objects that give a rich, non-mechanical illumination. The porcelain is unglazed in order to preserve the traces of the making process. Incorporating the lighting technology within each piece is also an integral part of the manufacturing process. Most of the times we can clearly distinguish between functional and non-functional ceramics; artistic sculptures are considered to be non-functional objects, with no other role but the esthetic one. Margaret O’Rorke’s ceramic art managed to combine these two aspects by creating sculptures that have a clear function as lightning objects. The function and the esthetics are combined in this case, because the light is an integrated part of the artistic sculpture. Her works look so modern and amazing, focused on creating a shape for the light. Any space that is lighted with these objects becomes somehow warmer and classier. For more information about Margaret O’Rorke’s art check out her site here.



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